Tosyn Bucknor’s husband breaks his silence since her death

On Friday, 19th of November, Tosyn Bucknor’s French Husband, Boyer Aurelien found her dead in their apartment, after he returned from work.

Her death came as a shock to many.

Friends, colleagues, fans of the OAP took to social media to express their grief over her sudden demise. 37-year-old Tosyn died due to complications from sickle cell.

In a post shared on his IG page this morning, Boyer who marrier Tosyn in 2015, expressed how much he misses her already. He wrote

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“That night, I felt I had gone. With you. Next day, I could not stand all of them there. For you. And then, I realized it was all love. Like you. From then, they say I’ve been strong. It is true. Every day, I stand together with all of us. To go through. Last night, I realized how much. I miss you.”

“Irawo mi, through the window, I look at you. Days and nights cannot get dark. A star illuminates the sky with its eternal spark.”

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