Top London private school to allow boys who question their gender wear skirts

Highgate school London is set allow boys who have questions concerning their gender wear skirts. Headteacher of the school which charges £20000 for secondary school years, Adam Pettitt, disclosed that girls’ and boys’ uniforms would be scrapped in favour of a mix-and-match policy under which boys could opt for a skirt. Currently, girls can wear skirts or trousers but boys aren’t allowed to wear skirts. Mr Pettitt said: 

‘This generation is really questioning [if we are] being binary in the way we look at things.’

The move is not without controversy as former pupils have voiced their concern. Mr Pettittt said:

‘They write in and say if you left children to their own devices they would grow up differently and you are promoting the wrong ideas.’

Former Highgate pupil Tim Sandler, 20, said he thinks overall the policy change is a ‘good thing’ – but questions why the issue is being prioritised.

The International Relations student said:

‘I guess I think on the surface it’s stupid. As someone who went to Highgate I’ve never known of any boy wanting to wear a skirt or anyone I’ve ever known for that matter. But if the choice is there for anyone that does then I guess it’s a good thing.’
‘I think there are much bigger issues to be tackled and focused on, however, like bullying and mental health.’

Teachers are now in the process of consulting pupils about swapping the title ‘girls’ and boys’ uniform’ for ‘uniform number one and uniform number two’, and parents will be consulted before the final decision is made.
Already, pupils at Highgate can request that teachers address them by a name of the opposite gender.
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