The most popular Royal Baby names

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, are expecting their first child later this month and speculation is still rife on whether the baby will be a boy or girl. Customary to royal tradition, the gender won’t actually be revealed until the official announcement, but it hasn’t stopped bookmakers such as Betfair taking advantage of this – with the odds very much in favour of a baby girl.

Similarly, there’s much speculation on Baby Sussex’s name, with traditionally royal names the strong contenders at present. While there are rumours that the couple may opt for something more unusual, or a name that reflects Meghan’s American roots, here we take a look at the most popular baby names in the royal family.

Popular boys’ names

Albert – 12 (35/1)

The most famous Albert undoubtedly, was Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert (full name Francis Albert Augustus Charles Emmanuel). The couple married in 1840 and had nine children together, before Prince Albert died at the relatively young age of 42.

Since then, there have been numerous Alberts – one of which was Victoria and Albert’s second child (and eldest son) Albert Edward, who later became Edward VII. Interestingly, George VI was also an Albert (Albert Frederick Arthur George) before his ascension and was the great grandson of Queen Victoria. Albert is one of Prince Harry’s middle names and may well feature as one of Baby Sussex’s names, should it be a boy.

George – 10 (70/1)

It’s fairly unlikely that the Duke and Duchess will name their baby George, given that the baby’s cousin is Prince George, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first born. It is a fairly common royal name. In fact, there was previously a Prince George, Duke of Cambridge back in the 1800s. He was a member of the British royal family, as the grandson of King George III and the cousin of Queen Victoria. George V reigned Britain from 1910 to 1936 (his death) and was from the house of Windsor.

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Charles – 8 (13/1)

According to Royal baby odds, Charles is the favourite for a boys’ name and would obviously be a tribute to the baby’s grandfather, the Prince of Wales (full name: Charles Philip Arthur George). Charles is also a popular name in Prince Harry’s lineage and is one of his middle names.

Other popular names

7: Edward

5: Christian, Frederick, Louis, Arthur

4: William, Henry

Popular girls’ names

Victoria – 9 (14/1)

There have been nine royal babies named Victoria, the most prominent being Queen Victoria. Interestingly, both Victoria and Albert top the royal name lists. The couple’s firstborn was a Victoria, Princess Royal, who went on to become Queen of Prussia following her marriage to German Emperor Frederick III. The younger sister of George V was also a Victoria. Victoria is currently the fourth favourite girls’ name with the bookies, behind Diana, Grace and Alexandria.

Mary – 7 (30/1)

In the last 200 years, there have been seven royal Marys and the most notable one was Queen Mary, who reigned from 1910 to 1936. Mary of Teck was married to King George V and they named their only daughter Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary, but she was better known as Mary, Princess Royal (later becoming Countess of Harewood). One of Queen Elizabeth’s middle names is also Mary and Harry may choose to pay tribute to his grandmother in some way.

Louise – 6 (80/1)

Despite Louise being a fairly popular royal name, it has been used quite recently – Queen Elizbeth II’s third son, Prince Edward, named his daughter Louise in 2003. Lady Louise Windsor, as she’s better known, is the 12th in line to the throne. Therefore, it’s unlikely that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will consider it, hence the long odds. Further back in history, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert named their fourth daughter Louisa, but she was known as Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll.

Other popular names

6: Alexandra

5: Elizabeth

4: Alice

3: Margaret, Charlotte

2: Augusta, Helena