The campaign for Calvin Harris to remix a Spice Girls classic

Calvin Harris is under pressure to remix the Spice Girls classic ‘2 become 1’ after he told another DJ he’d do it if same-sex marriage was legalised in Australia.

Now the law has been changed, people think Calvin should stick to his word. Even Baby Spice Emma Bunton’s got involved.

Australian DJ Filip Odzak told Newsbeat: “He shook my hand on the deal. I have been waiting for this pot of gold at the end of this proverbial rainbow for 5 years!”

He’s text Calvin to remind him.

The pair met during the Stereosonic festival in Sydney back in 2012.

Filip explains: “Calvin did a show and a crew of us came along and hung out in the backstage bar / green room.

“The conversation turned to the topic of wedding songs, I chimed in and said mine would be Spice Girls ‘2 become 1’ and everyone had a giggle.

“Calvin was shocked when we told him that gay marriage wasn’t a reality in Australia yet.

“I vividly remember his face, he was in genuine shock.

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“I said to him when they finally legalise it you can remix ‘2 become 1’ to celebrate.

“He 100% would have thought it was a laugh, and lets be honest, it’s a one in a million conversation, but he shook my hand on the deal.”

Calvin Harris DJ

MP’s in Australia have voted to legalise same-sex marriage.

People celebrate as same sex marriage has been legalised in Australia

Filip wants the song remixed so he can play it at his wedding some day.

“It’s a total gay bridal waltz anthem,” he tells us.

Even Baby Spice is on board with the idea.

Emma Bunton told Newsbeat: “Let’s spice up Calvin Harris! It would be fab for Calvin to remix ‘2 become 1.’

‘”It’s always been my favourite Spice Girls song and next week it will be 21 years since it was released as a single.

“I’m so happy to be celebrating same sex marriage equality in Australia, as a Spice Girl it’s something I’ve been wishing for forever! Love always wins.”

Emma Bunton

Spice Girls performing on stage

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