The bipolar fans shouting failed career are those who beg for money with fake profiles in DMs

Singer, Morachi over the weekend made news where he shared a video asking people to stop encouraging ‘stupidity’.

He said this while reacting to the recent emergence of the comic spelling man, Mr Spellz.

Many Nigerians who watched his video, attacked him, calling him a ”failed artiste whose relevance has gone with the wind.”

Morachi has now replied his critics. In a post shared on his Instagram page, the singer said those that insult artists on Instagram, calling them people with failed careers are usually the ones that slide into their DMs to beg for money with fake accounts. Read what he wrote below

Love & support that is not genuinely given by the people cannot last! Most of the artistes you have enjoyed their music in the past who seem to be struggling to get another hit record is not because the songs they have released are not hits! It’s because the artists have created a lot of enemies with the birth of their fame & success that came as a result of self pity for the artists & have been taken away since the artiste no longer wish to be manipulated or held under the captivity of the public’s armpit!!! You can promote your song heavily to the ears of the same people who have decided in their hearts to turn deaf ears to anything concerning that particular brand because they can no longer control that artiste anymore but would that mean the song they have been promoting was not a hit because it was not commercially accepted?

Do you know how many consumers who hear a particular artiste song on the radio and tv & say “ Please change that station i don’t wanna hear that song? How can that song blow if you have made up your mind not to listen to it? You can’t grow in a soil that is not fertilized anymore which means you can’t grow in a place where your confidence have accumulated a lot of hate & hidden envy until you move to a surrounding where you are not known & have no enemies….where your talent can be truly appreciated!! BurnaBoy made his first hit “ Like to party “ he was accepted until they found out he wants to do his own thing his own way & they took back that love and he took his art elsewhere where he had no enemies & they accepted him and celebrated the genius he was now his people want him at all cost?

Nigerians will support a fellow Nigerian in a big brother house because he is nigerian & out of pity make them popular but when that person wins & come back home they want to keep controlling & manipulating you under the umbrella of he is humble but the moment you stop being in agreement with their terms they turn you to a enemy overnite & find the next person to make a star out of pity ? The people shouting failed career are those who beg you for money with fake profiles in DMs, people who were once your so called BiggestFans? SMFH!

Watch the video of him speaking below

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