“Take me to Hell” — Chika Lann says as she shares sultry photos, defends her actions.

Chika Lann wants to shut down the internet, literally! And she may as well have done it.

The Ex-international model turned Film maker shared quite a few number of sultry photos on her social media, and Nigerians are dragging her by the wig for it.

She shared one photo captioning it: “Use me, I am yours. Don’t give me back to myself. Take me to hell…Sugar boy!”

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Here are some of the photos she released on her social media;

Few hours after sharing this photos, she’s come out to defend her actions saying, “A woman’s body is an artwork”.

“I am not the sweet Daisy, white and pure. I am a Rose: with the sweet smell for the right people. I am the thorns that draw blood if you do not know how to handle me. I am of the dark, the serpentine, and the erotic blues when it comes to my sensuality.”

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While some followers praised her for the photos, others aired their disappointments as well as criticisms.

Chika then again shared another daring photo giving a kind advice to her fans to take a chill pill and relax, in her words:

“My body is a celebration of humanness.”

“I can’t cage it for the comfort of others.”

So if you don’t like what you see, just take a chill pill and close your eyes, or better still, UNFOLLOW.

Mai Oui! I play when I want to play, I get dirty when I want to get dirty. Ce ma vie! I am here to show myself and move on to the next stage before my next birth. So like me, hate me, I don’t care. I live in my own planet. #unapologetic #wildfeminine #femmefatale ”

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