“Someone should tell this girl she is ugly biko” – Fan tells Actress Moyo Lawal

Social media is fast turning a lot of people into bullies and trolls, this we have concluded after seeing how social media users come for celebrities when necessary and when absolutely unnecessary.


While some celebs have developed a thick skin and shock absorbers to help them look away and walk away from negativity without even reacting or flinching, others find it imperative to school and berate the trolls and bullies.

A bully went to the page of Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal last night and outrightly called her ugly.
The actress had posted a video of herself Vibing to a song in her car and obviously enjoying herself only for a lady to drop an insulting comment on her video: “Somebody should tell this girl she is ugly” she had commented and the actress was quick to reply the nasty comment in the coolest way possible!

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