Social Media Influencer Arrested By Authorities For Money Laundering

A Miami social media influencer who flaunted designer bags and her red Lamborghini online has been arrested by Colombian authorities for her family’s alleged massive money laundering scheme.

Jenny Ambuila, 26, lived a lavish lifestyle in Miami frequently posting her designer digs, expensive car, and her luxury vacations in Europe on Facebook and Instagram.

But her jet-set fairy tale lifestyle came to a bitter end when she was arrested on Friday along with her father Omar Ambuila and mother Elba Chara and another customs official while on vacation in Colombia.

Prosecutors say Jenny’s father worked as a mid-level customs officer at the Colombian sea port of Buenaventura and allegedly pocketed millions of dollars in exchange for letting untaxed goods pass into the country.

Jenny has been charged with money laundering and is currently under house arrest in Colombia. She didn’t respond to social media requests for comment.

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Her parents are in prison on additional charges of aiding smugglers and corruption

Jenny lived a life of luxury frequenting stores like Gucci and Dolce&Gabanna and travelling to Milan and Paris, flaunting her ritzy trips on her Facebook and Instagram page @jennylifestyler . On it she describes herself as a venture capitalize, for exchange trader, and social media influencer.

But her extravagant and flashy posts are exactly what led to speculation of her family.

Investigators looked into her social media profiles and investigated her purchases – most prominently her 2017 purchase of a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, worth more than $300,000, which she often posted on Instagram.

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