Singer, Benita Okojie Seeks How Many Years she Can Breastfeed her Baby

Popular gospel singer, Benita Okojie, is a new mom and she is yet to understand lots of things and she is not hiding it as she keeps asking questions publicly.

The singer is wondering how some mothers breastfeed their children and how many years does it need to be done and she has been getting good response so far.

“Ehen mothers, I have been wondering how long you are to breastfeed your baby o. I’ve heard some mothers say 6months or 1 year is fine but recently I met someone who told me she breastfed her son for 2 years and he is the most intelligent of all her children studying aeronautics and that formular is artificial food. That got me thinking. So does it mean the longer you breastfeed your child the incredibly sharper the child will be? Does it also mean children that take breast milk only are sharper than children that take formular? Mothers is this true? For how long have you or will you breastfeed your child?” she asked.

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Since welcoming her baby, the singer has tried getting her groove back as she tries to slay while making efforts to push in her stomach.

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