Seven Luxurious Living Room Decor Ideas

You need to create a gorgeous living room that will dazzle you and all the people who visit your home, but you need to get some help from this list when you are trying to make the house look great.  Most people who are trying to make their home look amazing need to invest some real time in making the living room look like it belongs in a certain location.  When you do this, you will build up a sort of image in the visitor’s mind.  Plus, you need to remember that you can combine styles if you would like to have an eclectic theme that sets your home apart.


1.  Hotel Style


The hotel style is fantastic because it can help you make the room look as clean as possible.  If you have a hotel style set up, you have used little furniture, kept it clean, and reduced the use of extra colors.


2.  The Country Kitsch Style


You could actually make your living room look like it came from a rich person’s cabin.  You can use wood panels, trinkets, and beautiful things that you have placed in the room that almost look like the general store around the corner.


3.  The French Cottage Style


The French cottage style is really exciting because you can use muted colors to turn the room into a place that makes you feel like you are writing a novel with Voltaire.  When this is the case, you have used rustic furniture that looks as though you got all of it from an antique store.  Instead of trying to make your home look like a palace, you can go for the styling that helps you live in beautiful simplicity.  Celebrities spend a lot of money trying to copy a style you can do yourself.


4.  The Sleek Modern Look


This is the kind of style you get when you are using black and white to decorate beyond when you think a hotel room would look like.  You need to be sure that you have chosen black and white shades to decorate the whole room, used minimal furniture, and allowed these two colors to meld with the light coming through the room.  The sleek style makes it look like you are living in a movie set.


5.  The Antique Look


You should bring antique looks to the room that will include the soft colors of things like Wedgwood Chine.  You could bring crystal into the room, and you could use this look to make the room look like it came from an old estate.


6.  The Smoking Room


The smoking room style that you use will provide you with very dark colors, leather, and wood panels that all come together to make you feel like you are in the study of an executive who is investing over a game of gold.  You might even bring a desk into this room if you want to work in the living room.


7.  The Lap Of Luxury


A modern sofa love story: find your soul mate reminds you that you need to find as many soft places to sit as you can.  You could even get more than one sofa or loveseat so that you can lay back and relax all day every day.  You might choose tufted sofas, or you could choose very fluffy chairs that will bring more color to the room because the fabric is so bright.  It is very easy for you to create this luxurious style in any room, or you could try one of the other styles because you want to live in what feels like a lap of luxury that could be from a hotel, mansion, or a mountain-born cabin.


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