Seun Egbegbe Celebrates Birthday at Apapa Prison

Things have kind of been rough for controversial Yoruba movie marketer, Seun Egbegbe, which has seen him still cooling off at Apapa prison but not has not killed the love some people have for him.

Seun has been in prison for about a year now and still looking at the window of his cubicle in the prison hoping that one of these days he will be released as he is yet to meet up with his bail conditions over a theft and fraud case he was involved in.

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Well, he still got his babymama, Adenike Yusuf, still going to the prison to see him with food and his little girl is growing to a big girl in his absence.

The good thing is that Seun is still alive and doing good as he recently celebrated his birthday in good health at the Apapa prison.

Not many of his friends celebrated him but those who have proven to be his true friends like comic actor, Dejo Tunfulu and his babymama, never failed to remember him.

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