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There’s nothing like a royal wedding, or royal baby, to get the entire British population excited. With the latter, you have the gender guessing and name predictions. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are due to welcome their new arrival any day now and ever since Meghan Markle announced her pregnancy in October, speculation has grown regarding the baby’s gender and name, as well as his or her royal title.

The gender of their baby has not been made public knowledge and nor do we know if the couple know themselves. There are rumours that they are expecting a girl, and the odds reflect this with a girl being the 4/7 favourite. It’s no real surprise that in Royal Baby betting odds, there are more girls’ names as favourites. Here, we will take a look at some of the predictions.


Diana is the favourite with the bookies and would clearly be a homage to Prince Harry’s late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, who died in 1997. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid tribute to Diana by choosing it as one of Princess Charlotte’s middle names – and this could well be the case with the new royal baby, should they not wish to use Diana as a first name.


Grace is the current second favourite, even though it’s not considered a traditional royal name. There are rumours that Meghan and Harry may not go with a conventional name, but it’s believed the Queen would still have a say and if she didn’t like the name, it wouldn’t be allowed to stand. Although actress Grace Kelly became Princess Grace of Monaco – who once crossed paths with Diana Princess of Wales – after marrying Prince Rainier III, the name hasn’t been given in the British royal family. Although, Zara Tindall’s daughter Mia has Grace as her middle name.


Charles is the favourite in terms of boys’ names and would obviously be in honour of Prince Harry’s father, the Prince of Wales. Charles is fairly common as a middle name, with Harry himself having it as his first middle name. Prince William doesn’t have Charles as a middle name, but did bestow it to his most recently born son, Louis.

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There are a number of names priced at 14/1 and they all have royal connections. Victoria and Alice are two of the options should the royal baby be a girl. There could be a chance that Victoria is used, as one of the names anyway – over the last 200 years, Victoria has been given to nine royal babies and Queen Victoria was Harry’s great-great-great grandmother.

Alice is a popular name and one that has been bestowed on many a princess. Queen Victoria had a daughter: Alice Maud Mary, known as Princess Alice; while her last surviving granddaughter was Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone. Prince Phillip’s mother was also an Alice, Princess Alice of Battenberg.

For boys’ names, James, Arthur and Edward could all be considered and all three names are traditional and considered royal. Prince Harry has a cousin named James. James Viscount Severn is Queen Elizabeth II’s youngest grandchild. He is currently eleventh in line to the throne.

Arthur was one of the favourites before Prince Louis had been named (and was chosen as one of his middle names) and is up there again, due to its royal connections. Prince William and his father both have Arthur as one of their middle names.

While there have been 11 kings of England called Edward, it isn’t as common a name in the current royal family. There are two Princes called Edward – the Queen’s youngest child and third son, who is married to Sophie Rhys-Jones, and Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, who is the Queen’s cousin and Prince Philip’s first cousin once removed.