Pretty Mike says the lady that accused him of rape just wanted attention and he had a good laugh

Socialite and nightclub owner, Mike Nwogu, popularly known as Pretty Mike, has finally reacted to a rape allegation made against him by a writer, Olutimehin Adegbeye, last month.

The writer had taken to Twitter to allege she was raped by Pretty Mike when she was just 16 year old, and also accused OAP Andre Blaze of doing same two years ago.

Pretty Mike has however revealed he couldn’t stop laughing when he saw the story.

He said:

“When I saw the story, which was sent to me by a friend, I laughed.

“Though I have ‘retired’, my friends and people who are close to me know ladies like me a lot.

“I think she is just a young lady looking for attention. I am a public figure; so, everyone knows where to find me.

“If you have issues with me, you can walk up to me. But to the best of my knowledge, none of such ever happened. People know I am not that kind of person.”

Speaking on why he kept mute upon reading the news, he stressed that everyone had different ways of handling scandals.

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He said:

“I am not a stranger to scandals. But to me, all these things are not scandals; they are just part of life.

“If something doesn’t bother me, I just ignore it. Different people have sent me messages, making all sorts of accusations.

“I cannot address every issue because it means you are giving them attention.

“When you react to it, they get what they want. She (the accuser) has nothing to lose.

“If I make her a scapegoat, she will get the desired attention and the next person will want to be another scapegoat too.

“She should do whatever she wants to do; it is a free world.”

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