Pamela Odame Exposes Politicians Who Want to Have Sex With Her

Pamela Odame exposes politicians who want to have sex with her

Ghanaian model with big breasts, Pamela Odame has revealed that politicians in her country are dying to have sex with her.

She revealed this in an interview in which she stated that the WhatsApp messages she gets from different men are shocking.

She also revealed that asides politicians, she has a list of footballers and too celebrities dying to have their way with her.

“I am being harassed by a lot of men because of the size of my breasts. Sometimes people offer as much as $1000 just to have a feel. If I show you text messages as well as WhatsApp messages you will be shocked. These are popular and respectable persons in Ghana including two politicians, MPs and footballers,” she revealed.

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Pamela Odame stated that the only reason she is not giving them their demand is because she has a boyfriend.

“These are MPs and Ministers but I have not yielded to their demands because I have a boyfriend. If they will give me the amount for free, I will gladly accept but in return for my breasts, it is a big no,” she said.