Most Popular Tv Shows in Africa

These Shows keep you glued to your Tv set!

Everyone loves to sit back, relax and enjoy a good show that completely entertains you, grips you at the edge of your sit or enlightens you. A show that keeps you guessing, makes you angry, makes you groan or makes you smile. There are numerous shows across the African continent, but the following stand out from the rest of the crowd, have entertained and dominated our television screens in some cases for years and without question are the top of the pack. Let’s find out which are the most popular tv showsand claimed the top spots. You can also find out where to watch it by checking on

Big Brother

The top spot without a doubt goes to Big Brother. This show is watched and followed by all of Africa. With 28 countries from all over the continent producing 14 housemates, as they are called,competing to be the last man or woman standing.The prize money for surviving 90days of been in the house as the last man or woman standing, with no contact to the outside world, not getting evicted, not getting disqualified, following strict laid down rules, participating in different games of endurance, speed, intellect is $300,000. Each country hopes and votes for their contestant to win with Tanzania’s Idris Sultan holding the current title as winner Big Brother Africa Season 9.


Next up is Shuga. This exciting tv series came on air with its first episode in November 2009 on MTV Base. It grew to become one of the biggest hit tv shows in Africa and is aired in over 40 countries across the continent. Its home country is Kenya and it seeks to enlighten the public about responsible sexual conduct and the consequences of reckless sexual behavior plus various twists and plots. It is currently shown on the BET Channel in America which runs episodes of the show daily.

Studio 53 Extra 

Studio 53 Extra, hosted by two delectable Nigerian celebs, Macy Dolapo Oni and Eku Edewor, it brings to our screen the vibrant African Fashion scene, juicy entertainment gossip across Africa and entertainment news to bring you up to date about your favorite celebrities across the Continent.


Murder, Kidnappings, Love gone sour, unrequited love, Blackmail, all these and more are what the long running tv show Tinsel offers. Been on air since August 2008, the Nigerian based show has been called the ‘most successful television drama on Nigerian Television’ has a great appeal across the continent that aids its success. In May 2013, the 100thepisode of the Tv drama aired.


Set against the backdrop of the advertising industry in South Africa, the tv show Generations, celebrates the hopes, aspirations and dreams of South Africans who look towards a bright and better future. It premiered for the first time in 1994 and has since risen to be watched and loved across Africa.Although a slight dispute ensued between the actors and producers in 2014 which lead to a hiatus of three months and the show was not aired during this time, it came back on air in the same 2014 and has been showing since. 

Big Brother Nigeria

The most populous black nation in the world is brings this show to the tv screens of Africans. A spin-off from Big Brother Africa its housemates are all Nigerians, competing for the prize money of 25,000,000 naira after 90 days of surviving eviction from the Big Brother House, not getting disqualified, no contact with the outside world and being the last man or woman standing. This iconic show is held in South Africa with the current title of winner of Big Brother Nigeria season 3 been Miracle Ikechukwu, believe it or not a Pilot from the Eastern part of the giant of Africa. The next season airs in April 2019.


Delving into the intricacies of the extremely rich, struggling middle class and the poor, INkaba is a South African tv show which brings these worldsapart classes together in great narrative. The show aired is produced by the legendary John Kani who has declined big international movies and stage productions, produced by Urban Brew studios, withthe first episode shown in March 2012, is truly a must see.

Mashariki Mix

Mashariki Mix is an everyday life series which consists of a few of the most mouth-watering places to eat, the best spots for shopping, fashion hotspots, music recording artists, behind the scenes at your favorite events  plus various happenings and events around the Eastern African Region of the countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Eritrea, Ethiopia just to name a few, then without mincing words Mashariki Mix is the show to watch. It is hosted by Kenyan Nic Wang’ondu, a Big Brother Africa contestant and the beautiful Sarah Hassan.


Last and in no way not the least is the South African tv series Scandal. Its focus is on NF Holdings a newspaper company which showcases latest news and gossip and trails the lives of the different people who work at scandal as well as other players in the show. It is one of the most watched tv series with over 4 million viewers in South Africa alone and airs on weekdays in South Africa, eBotswana and etv Ghana.

Africa is home to so many cultures and history, from wars to legends, creativity and spirit. This is clear in the richness of the diverse shows it brings to the screens of all African homes. Undoubtedly the shows listed above are the most popular shows the most popular shows on and a must see for everyone because each one of these shows offers the viewer something different either bringing a nation together to vote for your country contestant in Big Brother Africa, learning the latest fashion trends and gossip in Studio 53 Extra, or enjoying a slice of the culture and pulse of Eastern Africa in Mashariki Mix, these shows not only entertain and enlighten ,they strive to cater to the diverse appetite of the dynamic African continent. So, make sure you see one out of the above shows and thank me later.

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