Men More S*xually Assaulted Than Women, Says Survey

Jama, a data gathering company, says 20 percent of Nigerian men faced sexual assault from other male counterparts in comparison to 5 percent of female having faced sexual assault from other women.

The company said the survey was conducted on male and female aged between 16 to 60 years living across 32 states of the federation

Speaking, Ugochukwu Nwosu, Project Lead, JAMA wellness survey/ Business Manager, GetJama, said, at the launching of the Jama mobile platform at the Lagos Court of Arbitration in Lagos said: “The JAMA wellness survey focused on sexual health and leveraged the power of the JAMA mobile platform to engage and listen to Nigerian males and females in a way that is natural on a very difficult and often polarizing topic.

The results delivered were indeed enlightening, powerful and provided interesting actionable insights.” The JAMA survey interestingly found that 20 percent of males have faced sexual assault from other males in comparison to 5 percent of females having faced sexual assault from other women.

However, the likelihood of being sexually assaulted is 9 percent higher for females living on the Island than on the Mainland, but for males, the likelihood of being sexually assaulted is 9percent higher on the Mainland as compared to the Island.

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In a survey of almost 1,000 people, the JAMA wellness survey showed that more males have been sexually assaulted than females, 59 percent of Males have had parts of their bodies touched without permission or received inappropriate sexual messages or images electronically, versus 51 percent of Women.

The wellness survey also found out that the likelihood of sexual assault taking place in private residences and public premises (e.g. offices, schools etc) is 19 percent higher than at nightclubs and other social venues, where it is generally perceived to be more prevalent.

Fope Akinmola, Head of Product, GETJAMA said: “JAMA is excited to launch the JAMA mobile platform; a transformational platform that will help businesses answer the questions required to deliver actionable results. JAMA is passionate about understanding people, committed to leveraging mobile technology and the power of 70 million mobile phones