I pity those who think that they are…Actress, Nazaret Jesse

Nollywood actress, Nazaret Jesse, has closely watched the behaviour of some people so far in life and she has chosen not to keep silent over such funny attitude.

The actress stated that everyone in life has a point where he/she tends to smile and a time of challenges but in all, it’s about being able to support one another to rise.

She stressed that in the process of trying to make it in life, there is never a competition as everyone only hopes to make it and have a good life as she pities those who think that they are and are not ready to support others grow.

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According to her, “We all have Highs and Lows in Life, some certainly more than others, but we’re All just trying to make it. No one is Better than Anyone else, and I pity those who think that they are.

No matter how Big your house is, How New your car is, or How much Money sits in your Bank account – we all bleed Red and will all Die someday. Death has no discrimination Neither should your Life. Be KIND to Others.”

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