God will Never Forgive Mamuzee Twins for Abandoning their Mother…Singer, Daddy Showkey

Veteran singer, Daddy Showkey is seriously angry at the Mamuzee twins for abandoning their mother till she eventually died.

The twins who are based in Abuja were said to have been contacted by singer, Daddy Showkey, when she went into coma but they never responded till she died.

According to Daddy Showkey who went online to share what actually took place, he said, “The first person to put a smile on you face is your mum she brought you to this world. This message is for two idiots. I called them that their mother was in a coma that they should call their mum or go see her but they refused and today they out the picture of their mother on their page for condolence messages, God will not forgive.”

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Watch the video further to know more about the alleged attitude of the twins and how some Pastors push people to take silly actions.

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