Ghanaian actress, Jasmine Baroudi Sets to Drag Some Producers to Court over Debt

Ghanaian actress, Jasmine Jamila Baroudi, is not happy with the way some producers treat some of them as she complained that her country producers are fond of owing debts.

The actress stated that the attitude of some of these producers is really getting out of hand because they end up paying some people on the same set and leave the others with excuse of no money.

Sharing her pain, she wrote, “Good Morning, My name is Jasmine Jamila Baroudi, a GHANAIAN actress and I feel appalled and angry with the way some of the #production houses treat some of us. I really don’t understand if they think I would wake up early for days, drive to location, sometimes some ridiculously far location to shoot, an mind you, they don’t pay my transport and sometimes the food they even feed us with is questionable only for them to give us excuses when it comes to paying us!!I am not working for free! am I? Are we? Why should other #actors on d same set be given their pay in full and yet some of us ve to be chasing n begging for our money? it is the celebrity status you think I am looking for? will this status put. food on my table? No it won’t!! Why do u give is #contracts knowing clearing that you don’t intend to keep to Ur side of the contract? Are we joking or playing? I’ve 2 contracts here and by d end of this month, I will involve my lawyers even its to collect 1gh!It’s the principle here that matters. I am tired of some directors and producers treating us like we’ve nothing to do than chase them for is rightfully ours! We are not working for free. We r not working because we wanna be pointed at n called celebrities then go home hungry! Enuf is enuf! Like I said,the 2 production houses that owe me, you know what to do! #payus actors what we rightfully work for and if for some reason you are not ready to pay, pls don’t shoot! I have paid my dues! All they care about is themselves so now i am also looking out for #METoo .

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I love my job. I am serious abt my job.I want to help the Industry grow but this, is #UNACCEPTABLE. i will NOT work for free again! That’s my stand! What do I’ve to loose? Because what am I gaining anyway?? Respect us for we all need each other. there is no actors without production houses or vice versa, therefore this should not be a problem . Like I said the production houses that owe me, #pay me what is rightfully mine. i will take a different action Should I see my image on screen especially since I ‘ve not received the rest of my #pay .If you don’t see my point or where I am coming from, then you are not worth my time. Thank you”