Emma Ugolee Appreciate Nigerians as he Turns a Year Older

God has indeed been good to popular TV presenter and voiceover artiste, Emma Ugolee, who several months back survived chronic kidney disease.

His joy till date knows no bounds as he sees himself as a product of grace knowing that God’s hand and protection his huge in his life.

Emma turned a year older recently and rather than pop expensive drinks, he took out time to appreciate everyone who have supported him and showed him all the needed love.

“For having ever genuinely cared about me. For having ever said a prayer on my behalf

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For having ever parted ways with funds for my sake. For having ever believed in what makes me different For having ever said anything consoling and uplifting to me. For having ever liked or commented on my thoughts. For having ever tried to privately reach out to me. PLEASE GET IN WHERE YOU FIT IN AND ACCEPT THE MOST HONEST “THANK YOU” YOU HAVE EVER HEARD AS THE BEST I CAN DO FOR NOW. I LOVE YOU. God has backed your love with undeserved kindness and kept me alive. I am grateful,” he wrote.