Don’t Compare Success to Money or Car…Actor, Williams Uche Mba

Handsome Nollywood actor, Williams Uche Mba, is really doing fine for himself despite that he no longer graces the big screen like when he was little.

The actor now owns a production outfit and also a United Nations Youth ambassador as he shuttles between Nigerian and the US.

He sure has made lots of investments considering the fact that he started acting at very early stage and that has indeed paved way for him that he is not just living large but also a philanthropist.

Calling on the present youths, the actor warned them to be very careful not to define success base on how much money or cars they have.

According to him, “To My Generation: Please don’t ever compare Success to how much money, houses, or Cars one has. Success is simply DISCOVERING the assignment you were sent on earth to do and FINISHING it before you die. Focus on the vision (assignment) and God will give you all the provisions (funds, cars, houses…etc) you need. God doesn’t sponsor any project he didn’t ask you to do. Please don’t mistake success/impact with how much money one has because great men that changed the world (Mandela, Martin Luther King jr., mother Theresa etc) do not have any record of how much money they had in their accounts even after death. Don’t envy anyone because you feel they have more money than you; at the end of the day you that is focused on your purpose and assignment on this earth might be more successful than those with earthly treasures.”

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