British Woman Visits Ivory Coast Only To Get Infected With Flesh-Eating Maggots


A British woman returned from the Ivory Coast to find flesh-eating maggots living and wriggling in her arm.

The 46-year-old, who is not named, returned to the UK and promptly visited A&E where doctors dismissed the sore as an infected – but fairly harmless – insect bite and she was sent away with antibiotics.

However, when she returned to A&E the next day in more pain, it became apparent she did not have an ordinary skin infection.

Squeezing the sore revealed the woman was infested with the larvae of the tumbu fly, a species found in the tropics of Africa, which gorge on human flesh.

Dr John Park, who treated her, said the bugs had to be removed surgically.

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The woman was given a local anaesthetic during the procedure.

In some cases, doctors will cover the sores with paraffin wax for the procedure, because this has been shown to help drive the larvae up to the surface of the skin.

After treatment, the woman was given antibiotics and she fully recovered. Doctors have however said they are dangerous bugs.