Bobrisky bans photos with fans after one posted unfiltered photos of him

Nigerian male cross dresser,Bobrisky has banned fans from asking him for photos .

This comes after a fan posted an unfiltered photo she took with him .He claims people intentionally edit his pictures to make him look horrible.

He threatened to break her camera if she ever approaches him for photos again.

Announcement fans ! I’m sorry I won’t be taking picture with anyone. My haters are still not resting  I thought they have given up on me all dis while I never knew they are still so much interested in me.

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And the most funniest part is these people laugh with u before asking for a pic with u meanwhile they have evil plan with it.

U will be so shocked to see ur picture going round the internet. Wat joy do u deserve bringing ur fellow human down  is it because u are jealous that u are so broke or wat ? I don’t get  if u don’t like me move on and forget about me while stressing yourself to prove a point.

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