Actress, Ireti Osayemi 10yrs Marriage Hits Aso Rock

Actress Ireti Osayemi, is not having the best of times now as the actress marriage to former Super Story production manager/associate producer, Bakare Adeoye, has been reportedly hit aso rock after 10years.

Ireti who is one actress who has been able to keep her marriage and family life off social media as she deals with whatever issues going on underneath but things seems not to have gone the way it was planned.

Despite how family and friends have tried to intervene to ensure the marriage is saved, the actress seems to have moved on with her life. It was further revealed that the businessman, who is also an hotelier and big socialite is doing all he could to keep her.

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Bakare says…

“Well, I don’t really want to go deep into my personal life but so far, Ireti has been a great woman compared to some female celebrities who don’t take their marriages as priority. “For about 10 years now, we have been keeping on and still very strong like some good marriages out there even though we have our own issues but God has always been with us in our marriage.” He added, “The beauty of our marriage is that we have never fought for a whole day before and it will never happen; our argument has never gone past a minute before we proffer a solution or resolve the issue. God has really been faithful to us, we have kids and we live happily.”

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