2 Thai men sentenced to death for murder over iPhone 7(Photo)

A Thai court on Wednesday sentenced two men to death for murdering another Thai man over his iPhone 7, a court official told dpa.

According to the police, in January, Wasin Luengjam, 26, was stabbed to death by two men in a Bangkok suburb who had also slit his throat.The incident was caught on a surveillance camera.

Two men, later identified as Kittikorn Wikaha, 26 and Supatchai Jansri, 25, were caught by police in a nearby province while they were on the run.

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Police said some cash and a watch remained on Wasin’s body.

Both Kittikorn and Supatchai admitted their crimes.Police said that clear evidence helped lead to their confessions.

Police told dpa it is unclear if both men will appeal the decision. Since their arrests and detention in January, none of their relatives have bailed them out, citing a lack of money.

Thailand last carried out the death penalty in August 2009.