Wow!! Bola Dara Aboderin Caught Having An Affair With Her Boss Husband!

1) she must quit her job and go 100% no contact with him. Ever. 
2) she must turn over all her social media login information and allow you to approve her friends list. 
3) she must apologize sincerely and mean it. There should be crying and deep regret and acceptance that this was 100% her fault. (Unless he coerced her, in which case there may be legal recourse in your country.  At a minimum he was acting very unethically). 
4) she must rededicate herself to the marriage and show that dedication through her actions. 
5) you must understand what made her lose attraction to you.  It is likely that you gave up on leading the relationship a long time ago. Women hate that. Despite the angry coments I will get, women want to be led by a strong, competent man.  You need to find out what made her attracted to you in the first place and start doing that. Make yourself more attractive so that if she doesn’t get with the program you will have plenty of opportunities awaiting you.

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