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Waitress sacked after being found naked in Orlando Bloom’s hotel room

A waitress was reportedly sacked from her job at Chiltern Firehouse after a manager found her naked in Orlando Bloom’s room following a night of passion.
According to The Sun, Viviana Ross, 21, joined the 40 year old star in his five-star suite after the end of her shift at the popular celebrity hangout in London.

The source told The Sun she was ‘hurt’ by the sacking but did not regret the ‘night of incredible sex’.
The pal added:

 “There was real electricity between her and Orlando from the moment they saw each other.“She said she had an amazing time and his body was very good. He was an exceptionally good lover.”

Viviana and Orlando, 40, hit it off when she poured his drinks during his five-day stay at the five-star Chiltern Firehouse restaurant and hotel — one of London’s biggest celebrity hangouts.

The friend said:

“After her shift on the Friday night she got changed into normal clothes, left the bar and bumped into Orlando outside.
“They chatted and he asked her to join him in his room for a drink. Of course she said ‘Yes’.

She said it was like fireworks were going off between them. In the room they had a gin and tonic and then started kissing.

“He made the first moves. He’d been staying at the hotel for five days and the sexual tension had been building up.
“In the morning he left early for an interview and Viviana stayed in bed — but that was a mistake.”

As Viviana lay naked in bed a ­general manager let himself into Orlando’s suite in London’s West End.
The friend said: “The manager asked, ‘You work here?’

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“Viviana said, ‘Yes, why?’

But he just closed the door and within an hour she received a text message saying she was sacked. Just like that.

“She was informed her contract had been terminated. She left the hotel and has not been back since.
“Viviana was not working when she went back to the room. It was in her own personal time.It’s a shame because she is very hard-working and she was well liked.
“She didn’t get Orlando’s number so he won’t know what happened to her. I think he’d be angry if he knew she had been sacked.It was a one-night fling. Neither of them expected anything to come of it. It was one amazing night with incredible sex that Viviana wanted to be a good memory.”

 The friend said Viviana and Orlando had first started talking when she was working in the bar, adding:

 “They just chatted about ­normal day-to-day things.

“They were good conversations about his charity work and how he liked being in London.
“Viviana isn’t bothered about his fame, she wasn’t caught up in the hype about him staying at the hotel. She takes everyone at face value.”