Toddler Rescued From Washing Machine After She Climbed Inside ‘For Fun’ & Got Stuck

This is the moment a little girl was pulled out of a washing machine after she climbed inside ‘for fun’ and got stuck. The video, filmed in Hejing County, China shows emergency services working frantically to cut away the plastic core of the machine away from the child’s body.

Fire services can be seen repeatedly pulling on the toddler before a final cut enables her to be pulled free of the device. The clearly shocked toddler is then cradled and kissed by her father. The washing machine was left plugged in by the girl’s parents who left her home alone while they ran a brief errand.

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But when they returned they heard the little girl crying and found the lower half of her body wedged in the machine. It was reported the toddler was curious about the machine and may have even turned it on for fun, but it is unclear whether this happened. She apparently became trapped when the mechanism caught on her clothes and jammed.