The Story of a Sociopath ”ESABOD” and her Bandit who tried to Stop All help from Reaching a Grieving Mother

      As they say God uses good people to do good things and Satan uses bad people to do bad things.  It all happened when  i received a message from a lady called OMOWONUOLA OYEBODE, that she just lost her daughter Elizabeth Oyebode to a dreadful disease called sickle cell anemia. It was an heart crushing message have ever received in my life, because nobody will ever pray to be in that kind of situation i mean been a grieving mother, we all pray for our children to be the one taken care of us when we grow old and to live after we gone,  but as they say God works in mysterious ways, sometimes he might not grant you everything you wished for, may we not grieve on all our children, i say BIG AMEN to that.

So Omowonuola Oyebode seeks for help in raising some funds for the burial of her lovely daughter that just passed away. Out of generosity, me and team [AJ] and all my fans all over the world set up a fund raising campaign for the burial of the little girl that  just passed away and it was just one of the best testimony i will be proud of for the rest of my life, because in less than 24hours Team AJ and all fans over the world were able to raised a whooping sum 8,000 pounds for the grieving mother
I guess the outstanding achievement from my fans all over the world in helping someone in need Triggered enviousness and aspersion from some fifth columnist and adversaries who called the whole fund raising campaign a scam on the show of shame and hate, all because GOD couldn’t use them as an agent of fortune, peace, comforter and good thing for people in need, i guess that’s why ESABOD and her sociopath Basirat Embassy started an hate campaign on her show of shame to bring down everything all good citizens have contributed in comforting Omowonuola Oyebode and they went as far calling by blogging about a grieving mother who just lost her child, they even flagged her facebook page down That’s the facebook page of the grieving mother which was taken down by ESABOD
They keep making farce stories while i was busy raising fund for the grieving mother ,Esabod and her bandit were cursing me on her show of disgrace and claiming that the account was fraud, despite all the information on the account signifies the owner of the gofundme account is definitely that of the grieving mum with no alteration .

But despite all evidence they keep grumbling and keep giving out gibberish stories just to bring ABIKE JAGABAN down, but still OLUWA is INVOLVED and LIGHT  always supersede darkness . Can you see the length a psychopath can go in bringing a person with a good intention down ? Imagine a sociopath called Basirat Embassy raining course on her family on their talk show, calling me sort of names ,well everything you’ve said about me shall be yours and your families in million folds


ESABOD and her nonentities raining curse on their families during her show of shame.

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 As they say, if you have skeleton in your cupboard, you better watch what you say about others. Let me give you a quick Gist about Basira Embassy from Mushin,  her name is Bolaji Akins, Her Number is +13473206414 to comfirm and she based in Brooklyn, church ave, she once married to Alhaji Jaaji, she was dumped by Alhaji Jaaji because of her infidelity life and behavior, she messes around, play games and spend so much of her life on facebook and online gambling. Then After Alhaji dumped her like a garbage, someone match-made her but still she was dumped again . Instead of her changing her ways, she wouldn’t because fornication was deep rooted into her soul. She has already dated over 20 guys in New york and she’s also into credit card fraud, so everyone that close to her should be vigilant because you might be the next victim. 
When ever Esabod started causing people on facebook, she’ll be the first to say amen. Just imagine a over 50years old woman behaving like a psychopath. God has HIS way of paying evil doers, she was rubbing her eyes of recent and mistakenly deep finger into her eyes, which she almost lost her sight, yet she won’t stop and God dealt her another blow with an accident of recent that broke her leg and since then she’s been home for months now. MY word of advice for Esabod and Basira please stop all these unholy acts you just soiling the image of our country abroad and if you don’t  stop on talking about ABIKE JAGABAN matter, people will feel sorry for you and your family ,because am an anointed soul, i am light, am protect by powerful ANGELS [awon angeli ton sho mi Eleje niwon] if you don’t stop, those angels protecting me will hack you and your Bandit into pieces… A word is enough for a wise.  To all my fans worldwide i appreciate your kinda gesture and generosity towards the fundraising of deceased little girl ELIZABETH OYEBODE and i want you to know the fundraising is still on, please let help the needy [a o ni fi iru e gbaoo] thanks

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  • God is wonderful…God will give Elizabeth thr heart snd mind to beat the loss and yhe rest children eill stay with you till old age Insha Allah…AJ TEAM FORWARD EVER…GOD EILL REPLENISHED ALL YOUR POCKET

  • God is wonderful…God will give Elizabeth mother the heart and mind to bear the loss and the rest children will stay with you till old age Insha Allah…AJ TEAM FORWARD EVER…GOD WILL REPLENISHED ALL YOUR POCKET…AMEEEEN

  • God is wonderdul, what would anyone expect from someone who has a curse and spell on her, abormination runs in her vein and blood like hereditary. Anyway if she needs help after her shameful show of shame birthday, then is better to contact AJ TEAM for help instead of lying and selling deceits to Nigerians.