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Taiwo Obasanjo forgives son, talks about being a grandmother

Juwan Obasanjo
Following the drama around the nuptials of Temitope Adebutu and Olujowan Obasanjo, the upset mother of the groom (Mrs. Taiwo Obasanjo) has finally forgiven all.

Angry that she was excluded from the planning of the May 11 and 13, 2017, ceremonies, she had gone to court to get the wedding postponed till after June 1, and written to the Methodist Church to list her fears.
She had even planned to picket the Methodist Church of the Trinity in Tinubu Square and Eko Hotel Convention Centre (both in Lagos where the superlative wedlock reeled before the eyes of the high and mighty), but was prevailed upon.
The graceful grandmother spoke to Encomium Weekly in the evening of Sunday, June 4, 2017, maintaining that she has forgiven her son, daughter and daughter-in-law and all those who upset her .
Mrs. Taiwo Obasanjo, mother of two children (Esther Olubunmi Williams, who represented her at the ceremonies, and Olujowan Obasanjo), told Encomium Weekly:

“I have forgiven them as a praying mother. You cannot justify before God not forgiving those who offended you. I have been praying for a forgiving spirit, and it’s already done.
“It’s not something l want to be reminded of… It was a big pain that l don’t want to remember.  I don’t want to talk about it anymore.
“I have forgiven everybody, and l want everyone to forgive me…
“I love them. I love my daughter very much. My children are wonderful. We are a family that have God. If your children offend you and they apologise, you forgive them. And you allow God’s love to rule.
“Both of them apologised to me (daughter and son). I have forgiven my daughter-in-law (Temitope Adebutu) too.”
The tall and beautiful grandmother also spoke about the ecstasy of seeing her children’s children:
“I am a proud grandmother already (through her daughter, Mrs. Esther Olubunmi Williams, who’s married to Oluwarotimi Tolulope Williams since August 2010). It’s wonderful, fulfilling.
“It’s like running a relay race, and you handover the baton. Someone gave birth to you, you give birth and your children are now giving birth. It’s joyful.”
Speaking about pregnancy and how she wanted a handful of children, the twin (her brother is Chief Kenny Martins who introduced Temitope and Olujowan) revealed:
“Pregnancy was not easy for me. That’s the plan of God for me – to have only two children. I am appreciative of God. “They are wonderful children. The man is an excellent guy. He works with his father (Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, two-time leader of Nigeria from 1976 – 1979 and 1999 – 2007) in one of his companies in Abeokuta (Ogun state).
“I have fond memories of them growing up. It’s been a beautiful life.  God has blessed me so much. I thank God for motherhood and fatherhood.  Their father is a great man. He’s a man l love and appreciate.”
Mrs. Obasanjo is very concerned about Nigeria’s future, and talked about her political party  (Abundance Congress Party):
“The party is not registered yet, but we are working towards it. It’s an all-inclusive party of the prominent and obscure from the west, east, north and south.
“It’s for a collection of people who have come back to their senses. We are for selfless service and selfless sacrifice.
“It’s for those who have repented. Those who were once corrupt and now upright, once bad but are now good. Not those with mercenary agenda. We practise self discipline.
“Transparency, accountability and prudence are key.
“We are concerned about a better tomorrow.”

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