Swedish tourist caught on camera kicking hotel maid unconscious

The beauty of CCTV cameras is
that it’s harder for people to commit crimes in secret and get away with
it. A 53-year-old Swedish citizen was caught on surveillance cameras
assaulting a hotel cleaner and he has now been arrested.

As seen
in the video, the man was walking down a corridor in an upscale Slanchev
Bryag hotel at the popular resort Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, when he passes
a hotel cleaner doing her job.

The two appear to exchange a few words
before she bends down to continue scrubbing the floor. He is then seen
kicking her in the face. The attack knocked the woman unconscious, and
her jaw was broken, officials said.

Officials have not released a
motive for the assault. The man was arrested and can legally be held
for 48 hours, but because of the nature of the assault, the regional
prosecutor is asking a court to hold him until trial. The man faces
charges of assault and hooliganism.

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See the video below.