Rihanna cringes as she watches her ‘Bates Motel’ steamy sex scene, shares video of her reaction

Rihanna starred in an episode of Bates Motel, an American psychological horror drama television series, and she was involved in steamy sex sessions in some scenes. The Bates Motel episode debuted on Monday and Rihanna tried to watch but felt really weird seeing herself in such an intimate scene.

The 29-year-old plays the character, Marion Crane; the role made famous by Janet Leigh the film Psycho and she looked really stunning in the role with her red hair short and wavy and touching her shoulders.

In the episode, Riri can be seen making out in bed with her boyfriend, Sam Loomis and as fans all over the world watched the scene, the singer/actress felt uncomfortable seeing it and went on her Instagram account to reveal how embarrassed she felt by it.

Rihanna posted a live photo of herself cringing while watching the video with friends. At a point, she said, “this is so weird, oh my God,” then she covered her face with her hand and looked away from the screen then added, “I can’t.”

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To make matters worse, she did not like her voice in the movies and commented on it, saying; “I can’t even hear my voice. It’s, like, gross!”

Rihanna found a way to make watching the episode more bearable. She decided to start a drinking game which she shared live on social media. The game involved her and a friend taking a drink every time someone on the show says “Norman” (which happened a lot). For the entire show, Rihanna ran a commentary and made it fun for her Instagram followers. This will not be the first movie Rihanna will be starring in a movie but this seems to be the first one that has had such an effect on her.

More photos and a video of Rihanna watching herself in the movie.