Read .. How Mentally Derailed ESABOD was Disgraced and Deported By Armed Police Back to Dublin

I guess you guys must have heard the latest Gist about Esabod aka Esaweyrey who was whisked and deported by armed London policemen yesterday. Let us give you the lowdown on what transpired between the mentally unstable old witch and London police . It all happened in her hotel room when she was doing her live video and show of shame, the London police have been noticing all her cyber crimes and atrocities she has been committing on facebook all this while, immediately they noticed her starting the live video again, the authorities came in to her Hotel and warned her to stop doing the show and letting her know that London has no place for such thing and she should stop defaming peoples characters. Immediately the police left, She started again not knowing that the police were monitoring her facebook, instead of them to arrest her she was deported immediately due to the fact that she showed her certificate to the police that she’s mentally ill. Tho she has European passport but yet she was deported back to Ireland from London. ”Eni awifun oba je o gbo” . below is the photo of the boarding pass they used to deport her.

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