Photos: Three Injured During London Police Chase

A London reader sent this to us. She says she witnessed it and only narrowly escaped been hit. She asked if we could use the photos/stories saying it happened at Battersea. I was like, why are we here girl? Yes we can, thank you. So the photos you see are exclusives LOL., from one of us in London (Pronounced Londen, lol). Back to the gist.

A car yesterday ploughed into two other vehicles during a police chase through London, leaving three people injured.

Police were alerted to the car’s movements on Chelsea Bridge Road, officers signalled for the car to stop, but the driver allegedly refused to do so and drove off up the road at high speed.

Police cars with their lights and sirens on gave him a chase. In the process the car smashed into another vehicle in Queenstown Road, Battersea.

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The two suspects in the car were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. One of the arrested males was taken to hospital for treatment to a leg injury. While two other occupants of the other car were also rushed to hospital for different injures.