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Meet The Mom Who Will Have To Undergo EIGHT Surgeries To Look Like Melania Trump

Standing ovation! A mum is set to have six plastic surgeries and two sets of Botox in a bid to look like Melania Trump. Claudia Sierra, 42, will undergo the extensive procedures at Utopia Plastic Surgery and Medi Spa in Texas.

The plastic surgery includes a Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck, nose job, eyelid lift, liposuction, a revision breast construction along with Botox and fillers.

Ms Sierra wants to look like the Slovenian-born First Lady, 47, who married Donald Trump in 2005.

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Ms Sierra said: “Melania for me illustrates power and strength; she is our First Lady and I am looking forward to more closely resembling her and becoming a better version of me and for it to show on the outside.”

The extensive work will be carried out by plastic surgeon whizz Dr Franklin Rose, who has said that more and more women want the “Melania look”.