Leaked Secret!! How A Lady Got Stage 4 Cancer Because Of Esabod’s Fake Herbs & Roots

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Am pleading to the concern authorities not to take this matter lightly, because a victim is fighting for her dear life because of Tokunbo Esther Aboderin’s Fake,Dirty and unlicensed herbs, as we reporting and it has to stop.

Esabod self proclaimed tradomedical doctor, with no experience neither approval from medical/tradomedical association, as been prescribing and selling out fake herbs with no drug Agencies registration at higher and exorbitant price to patients suffering from one ailment to the other with no improvement or positive testimonies from those patronizing her and instead of them getting better their condition keeps going from bad to worse.

Despite all awareness made to the public informing them not patronize durgs or herbs with no license all efforts seems to falls on deaf hears . And as we reporting right now a lady whose name and info whitheld is fighting for her life right now and only God can save her because as we speaking, she’s in most critical stage of Cancer [stage 4].

It all happeened when the cancer was detected at early stage [stage 1] when the lady went to the hospital for checkup and the doctor assured her that if she start her medication and chemotherapy ontime the cancerous particles in her body can still be cured . After starting her chemotherapy the lady was introduced to Quack Esther Aboderin, immediately the lady was brainwashed quickly by Esabod’s  fake medical recomendations and she advice the woman to stop taking any prescriptions medications and chemotherapy ,and repeatedly sold her fake herbs to the lady worth about over 1000 euros .This got the lady cancer from early and cureable stage to critical stage four [ stage 4]cancer and right now nobody knows if she’ll survives it .

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This serves as wake up call to people out there not to fall victim for this Criminal called Esabod and to let them know that Esabod has no training in herbs selling neither did she have any license to sell herbs. As they say “A word is enough for a wise”

Please lets broadcast and share this piece of information till it reach the Authorities, because nobody knows the next victim and you might save thousands of life from the jaw of untimely death, if it reaches the Authorites and this criminal of a woman is stopped on time. below is the previous evidience from a victim .. shine your eyes…