Kolawole Ajetunmobi and his social media madness

Kolawole AJetunmobi the most useless man on a planet, he spent have of his life abroad with different baby mamas and end up in one room rented studio  in London. A mumu with no achievement whatsoever,  he had nothing good going for him but ranting on social media with esabod. He claimed esabod was fighting for Ajibike, won ja ni Russian se wa kan ara Nigeria? We all had Abike part of the story when she informed the public about how she entrusted Ajibike with a lot of her confidential information and Ajibike could do was passing it on to people. When all the information  got back to Abike, she did something anyone could do by calling her so called friend for confrontation but Ajibike with guilt of what she has done to Abike made her to refused answering her phone. Abike next action was to leave a message for Ajibike, a message that Ajibike forwarded to another friend and then went viral.  Does that justified esabod bullied on Abike for months? Or esabod bullying and harassing innocent people for sake of google money? Mr alainishe, daginigani bi oponan aka Kolawole Ajetunmobi what is your business in this? Instead of you to focus on how to make your life better,  you’re busy ranting and looking for the next victims of baby mamas on social media.

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