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Kayode Salako Explains What Transpired Between Moji Olaiya’s Burial Committe & Bola Tinubu Before The Money Was Released

Foluke Daramola’s husband, Kayode Salako who is also part of the burial committee of Moji Olaiya took to his IG to explain what transpired between the committee and Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu. He still can’t get over Asiwaju’s love and generosity. He wrote;


Burial committee: Hello sir! Good afternoon your Excellency.
Asiwaju: How are you all? I learnt you lost one of you in your industry.
Burial Committee: Yes sir!
Asiwaju: Moji Olaiya right?!
Burial Committee: yes sir! We lost her sir!
Asiwaju: I heard she died in Canada?
Burial Committee: Yes sir! You are right sir!
Asiwaju: So sad! Accept my sympathy! May the good Lord comfort his family and all of you she left behind. So what are you doing now to lay her remains to rest? Continue…

Burial Committee: That is why we are calling sir. We, we, don’t want her to be buried in Canada. That is why…
Asiwaju: (Cuts in) I know you will need some money to bring her home.
Committee: Yes sir! Yes sir!

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Asiwaju: Okay. Some of you can see me at home tomorrow.
Committee: What time sir?
Asiwaju: You have to come early before I leave for my official engagements for the day, you know we are celebrating Lagos at 50 around this time. When you come, the boys will bring you in.
Committe: Thank you so much sir!

Asiwaju: Once again, accept my sympathy.

And that was all!
And that was the beginning of the solution.
That is my own kind of a leader!
I don’t identify or celebrate leadership crudity, akwardness and abberation!
I don’t identify with what is not ideal in leadership.

This is what my own brand represents
– a civilised, sane, ideal, working and valuable Nigeria!

This is my last on this for now.

May my sister, Moji’s beautiful soul continue to rest in peace. – Olukayode Salako is the National Coordinator, Change Agent of Nigeria Network (CANN).