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Kanye West Was Given $20m To Cover Tour Expenses, Not Loaned

Jay Z slammed his former pal on his new album 4:44 by implying that he ‘loaned him $20 million.’

But according to TMZ, the large sum of money received by Kanye West, 40, wasn’t a loan as previously stated, but it was ‘an advance from Roc Nation to cover expenses for his Saint Pablo Tour.’

The money was used on the likes of West’s famous floating stage pull – as well as other show-stopping theatrics – and is the usual amount given to such high calibre of artists.

This follows on from reports that the half of Kim Kardashian ‘had no advance knowledge’ over the information leaked on Jay-Z’s new track Kill Jay-Z – which dropped last week.

In his lyrics, the 47-year-old Brooklyn, New York native seems to mention very explicitly the giant loan that the super producer offered up to Kanye apparently confirming the rumour.

‘You dropped outta school, you lost your principles / You gave him 20 million without thinkin’,’ raps the husband of Beyonce, ‘he gave you 20 minutes on stage, f**k was he thinkin’?’

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This comes after an ‘unhappy’ Kanye reportedly ‘cut ties’ with Tidal – after he helped launch the company in 2015 alongside the likes of Rihanna and Calvin Harris.

The rapper is said to be ‘owed more more than $3 million’ from the music streaming site – with his lawyers sending a letter to the company telling them they were ‘in breach and the contact was terminated’ – according to TMZ.

The publication also revealed that Kanye’s lawyers sent another letter two weeks after the first one after the conflict failed to be resolved.

The issues stemmed after Kanye’s Saint Pablo album brought in more than 1 million new subscribers to Tidal – which he was supposed to receive a bonus for.

The company also reportedly went back on their promise of reimbursing him for music videos – but Tidal stated that he ‘didn’t deliver the videos required by contract.’

Tidal have since sent a letter back, stating they ‘still have an exclusive contract with Kanye and if he goes to another streaming service they’d sue him.’