Here are the 6 silly excuses billionaire kidnapper said led him to crime

Chukwudubem Onwuamadike – the crafty, brilliant, deadly and notorious kidnapper arrested on Saturday, June 10, 2017, in Magodo (Lagos) – is pleading for mercy as he advanced silly excuses that made him pursue a life of crime.
In different interviews, the 36 year old Nnewi kingpin who has five children claimed he was on the narrow and straight path until certain events frustrated and forced him into crime.
All the excuses invented by the criminal with almost a billion Naira property portfolio are full of holes.
Here are some of the ‘tragedies’ he claimed led him to crime as compiled by
1. “My father sent my mother packing when l was in Junior Secondary School 2. He also sent me to be an apprentice spare parts trader with an Nnewi businessman…”
2. “After learning the trade for 5 years, my boss didn’t set me up. Instead, he accused me of theft. And my father now drove me away, sent me to my mother and he disowned me…”
3. “My mother raised some money, and l relocated to Lagos. In Lagos, l started selling diesel to luxury buses and trucks at Alafia bus stop along Lagos-Badagry Expressway.”
4. “I slept at the garage and some friends led me to crime…”
The gang robbed luxury buses passengers
5. Chukwudubem claimed in another narrative that Customs seized his goods worth N25 million, which forced him to relocate to South Africa where he peddled drugs.
6. His partner was killed by another gang, shot and left him for dead. He scampered back to Nigeria. And started kidnapping.
The confessions of the ferocious kidnapper are full of holes as he invents excuses that led him to criime…

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