Funmi Lafunky Akinyemi, The Most Evil Woman Any Man Can Come Across.

Funmi lafunky akinyemi, claimed to be the best family member of one Mr Infinity, unfortunately she was planning an evil act against the innocent man like she previously did to every humanity that came her way. Lafunky has destroyed so many families including her previous marriages, she created the most evil social media fracas ever witnessed in our history. Mr Infinity trusted this evil manipulator woman so much that he agreed with her to be secretly recording people that are involved with Angel Kamoru’s wife harassment,bullying and defaming by her. Lafunky was saving and secretly recording other people unknown to them as well. She claimed Mr Infinity got her upset and released those recording to Esabod aka Angel Kamoru’s wife, Mr Infinity worst enemy and the Facebook war started where by she quickly joined Esabod team to defamed and bully Mr Infinity.  However in March she moved towards AJ team asking for forgiveness and promised to leaked all Esabod secret including her admin information which she did. To be continue

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