Deformed teen who agreed to plastic surgery so mum would take her back dies

A teenage girl who was abandoned by her mum after she was born with a deformity died when she underwent plastic surgery in a bid to finally live with her family.

Katya Badaeva agreed to undergo surgery to change her appearance after she and her mum were reunited on a reality TV show.

The mum told her orphaned daughter that she would only take her back if she underwent an operation to give her a ‘normal’ face.

Katya was desperate to be part of a normal family unit and agreed to undergo several operations, but died on the operating table during the latest procedure.
Police have launched an investigation into her death and a further autopsy is planned,Daily Mirror reports.

Katya was raised in an orphanage in Azovsk, Russia, after she was shunned by her mum.

Her mum told popular Russian TV show Pust Govoriat (Let Them Talk) that she lived in a small village and locals would not accept her daughter due to her appearance.Katya’s mum said she was told after giving birth to the girl that she would not live more than a month, so she left her at the orphanage.

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Staff at the orphanage tracked down the teen’s mum, named as Nadezhda, and they then appeared on TV together.

Katya’s mum reportedly went on to have three healthy boys.

After appearing on the programme, Katya underwent several successful surgeries.

But she never recovered after the latest surgery in a clinic in Moscow.

Irina Makarova, a spokeswoman for the clinic, said: ‘

“After the surgery was finished Katya suffered a sudden cardiac arrhythmia and her heart stopped beating.

“There were no obvious reasons which could have caused this. Doctors tried to resuscitate her for two and a half hours. The autopsy showed her death was not the doctors’ fault.””I can’t bring my child back. She underwent so many tests before the surgeries, God probably gave her only that much time.